Poll Results #1

While this sample size isn’t ideal, we want to encourage our readers to vote in the 2nd poll question we have posted on the site. For this post to be considered substantial research we need 1,000+ people to vote. 2,000 people would be nice to give our poll the chance to get referenced. On the first vote we only tallied 62 total votes. An advantage that has on our 2nd poll is that our traffic been gradually increasing over time. Writing this post also draws more attention to this parasite and then plugs the 2nd poll question which is now displayed on the right portion of the homepage.

Now lets get on to the goods of analyzing the fruit from our first poll. Just in case anyone is curious this website’s admins are not allowed to answer the quiz question. So all 62 votes that were tallied should be legit votes and coming from various visitors to this website. Over 80% of the traffic receives comes from outside of the United States. Parasite awareness is on the rise in the USA, but the Ascaris worm sightings have fallen below the levels of several other parasites. Ascaris still breaks the top five parasite list in the USA and the people there would be greatly benefitted just as they would in any region of the world by educating themselves about the honey badger like parasite known as Ascaris lumbricoides. Japan is the country that draws this website the most traffic, and next up are many of the other countries on the pacific rim.

Of the sixty-two votes, sixty-nine percent said that they had not ever had Ascaris lumbricoides. This could be denial, this could be because family or friends are searching to help their loved ones, or maybe they have not yet been diagnosed. From our poll we discovered just 31% of the visitors to knew they had infact been infected before by the Ascaris worm. The thirty-one percent of visitors to this site looking for information is only six percent higher than the world’s average of people currently living with Ascaris lumbricoides.

This is a screenshot of our final poll tally.

This is a screenshot of our final

If you have any ideas for our third poll question we would love to hear your input. You can post your question on our Facebook page, or just go to the contact us page.