Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Pet

After reading this post we hope many pet owners change their current sleeping habits. To understand the danger of sleeping with your pets, learning about the Ascaris Lumbricoides life cycle is necessary. Pets get infected with Ascaris lumbricoides by eating or drinking items infected with eggs. A recent study revealed out of 25 dogs disected after their death, 14 (56%) had Toxocara canis (some form of worms in their intestines). Another study of 229 domestic dogs showed that 189 had roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm or other parasites.

Every Ascaris worm lives between roughly 2 and 12 months, and during their lifespan lay millions of eggs each. Every time a pet has a bowel movement, their feces is filled with these Ascaris lumbricoides eggs. Dogs and cats are not accustom to using toilet paper, so not only are these eggs abundant in their rectal region, but their mouth and fur as well. These eggs can lay dormant for three weeks before needing to find a home inside your intestines to hatch. It is not difficult to imagine the increased risk of infection people will submit themselves to by allowing their pets to sleep in the same bed as them.